Best Practices for Defaulting Cursor Placement in a Form Field

When trying to get users to complete certain tasks on a web page, it is very valuable to default the users cursor to the first field to be completed as they arrive on a page.  When designing this page, there are a few best practices to keep in mind. A user’s interaction with a form field can cause
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Your Guide to Media Mix and LTV

Media mix modeling is a great tool to understand how all of your marketing efforts are working for you.  Depending on how robust your analytics function is and how many resources you are able to dedicate to it, media mix is a valuable tool.  LTV or Life Time Value is the value assigned to a
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Online Ad Impressions Up But Viewable Impressions Are Still An Issue

Comscore released it’s 2013 Digital Future in Focus report yesterday.  It provides a great amount of information about the state of the online advertising industry and the where everything is moving in the future.  You can download the report here. In my recent post about Using Facebook News Feed to Drive Conversion I mentioned the viewability
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